Setting Up Shop - Q&A with a new Restauranteur: Part 2

Setting Up Shop - Q&A with a new Restauranteur: Part 2

There has been an amazing explosion of cafe culture in Brunei lately with new coffee spots popping up all over the country. We are loving the attention to detail in their interior designs and you can really see the personalities of the owners shine through.

In Part 2 of ‘Setting Up Shop’ this week, we’re chatting with Aranda Cafe, featuring Kitchen of Jasmine, about the design process of their new restaurant:

  1. Congratulations again on the opening of Aranda Cafe, featuring Kitchen of Jasmine at Atiya Complex in Jerudong. The cafe is really beautifully designed, with such charming details that really make a customer feel right at home! How did you come up with the concept for the cafe’s design?

    We travel quite extensively, giving us a chance to see many cafes across the world. So what we did was create a place that we felt represented us and the food that we serve - somewhere comfortable to eat and hang out with your loved ones.

  2. Did you work on the interior design yourself or did you hire a consultant?

    We had an idea of what we wanted and basically came up with the whole concept. We asked the interior design team to draw up what we wanted and worked our way from there.

  3. How did you keep your design and decorating costs manageable?

    Of course we had to scrutinise the itemised list for the construction cost. We had to work our way around the budget and managed to do so by sourcing various items and works through different avenues - for example we asked friends and acquaintances as to where we can, say, purchase a good oven but at a reasonable rate. So without scouting around we would never have kept our budget under control!

  4. Were you able to source your materials easily in Brunei? Where would you recommend for affordable design materials locally?

    As said previously we had to scrutinise our costs and some items we had to source from overseas as it would be cheaper for us. If, however, you sometimes choose different materials than what you initially had chosen, your contractor would be able to create the right look for you at a cheaper rate. So it is wise to talk it through with them.

  5. What was your favourite part of decorating Aranda Cafe?

    Our counter is one of our favourite parts of the cafe. We wanted that airy feeling where we can display our cupcakes and other goodies with pride!

    Aranda Cafe, featuring Kitchen of Jasmine, is located at No.17, Block E, Atiya Complex, Spg.100, Jalan Jerudong.