Useful Forms for Home Owners

Useful Forms for Home Owners

Setting up your home can be daunting enough without the stress of driving around looking for all the documents you need to set up your utilities and permits.

Thankfully, the Ministry of Development has made our lives a lot easier by putting up most of the forms you'll need for new builds and setting up of utilities online.

So for those of us who never knew about this useful resource, you can find the relevant forms for home and property owners via this link. Forms on this page include:

  • Kerja-kerja Tanah Dalam Kawasan Kawalan / Land Works in Controlled Areas
  • Membina Bangunan Dalam Kawasan Kawalan / Building Works in Controlled Areas
  • Tambahan dan Ubahsuai Dalam Kawasan Kawalan / Additions and Renovations in Controlled Areas
  • Permohonan Menombor Rumah / Requesting a New House Number
  • Penentuan Hala Qiblat / Deciding the Direction of Qiblat
  • Mengukur Semula Tanah / Re-Surveying Land
  • Mendapatkan Jalan Laluan / Requesting Road Access
  • Mendapatkan Bekalan Air (Kekal Perumahan, Perusahaan, Pertanian) / Requesting Water Supply Connection (Permanent Housing, Businesses, Agriculture)
  • Mendapatkan Bekalan Air (Bagi Mendiami Rumah, Rumah Sewa atau Flat Kerajaan) / Requesting Water Supply Connection (Residences, Rentals or Government Housing)
  • Menamatkan Bekalan Air / Cancelling Water Supply Connection
  • Penyambungan Paip Air Utama / Requesting to Connect Water Mains

Land related forms can be found via this link. Forms on this page include:

  • Mendapatkan Jalan Laluan / Requesting Road Access
  • Menukar Syarat Khas Tanah / Request for Changing Land Conditions
  • Menyambung Tempoh Kelamaan Geran/ Requesting Land Grant Period Extension
  • Permit Mengambil Tanah dan Pasir / Request for Permit to Collect Soil and Sand
  • Menggadai Tanah / Using Land as Collateral
  • Memajak Tanah Persendirian / Leasing Private Land
  • Mengukur Semula Tanah / Re-Surveying Land
  • Pemecahan / Penyatuan Tanah / Land Division / Consolidation

There are also more resources available on the Ministry of Development website ( for issues ranging from the national housing scheme applications to billing of your water utilities, so do start your research online before driving over to their offices. For information in English, do contact them at +673 238 3222 or at