The Child Friendly Home

The Child Friendly Home

Some of you might wonder why we're starting off the blog with this issue, but the SquareFeet team has seen so many friends welcoming (or will be welcoming) new babies into their homes over the past few weeks that we thought - how are Bruneians preparing their homes for the new baby?

Looking back, I bet most of you don't recall your parents busily baby-proofing your home before your new little brother or sister came into the picture. But there is definitely a growing trend of this happening with new parents today and even more design savvy parents trying to incorporate baby gear into their well curated homes. So how do you go about making sure your home is a safe place for your child? How far should you go? How do you balance design and practicality?

We decided ask an expert, Liyana Imani Abdul Latif, Founder of Lily Imani Enterprise and a mother of two and a half children.

You are a mother of 2 with another on the way - what have you learned about preparing your home for a baby after having two children?

Don't wait until your child starts crawling to baby-proof your home. Chances are, you will be caught unprepared.

If you share a house with a bigger family, there is not much control over choices of furniture. Try to talk to your family about moving glass coffee tables, breakables and within-reach hazards.

All cabinets, cords, drawers and electrical outlets will be explored, whether you are at home or at somebody else's home!

Have you found more new parents taking an active interest in baby-proofing their homes?

I find that parents tend to change the entire layout of their living area instead of investing in baby-proofing products. Almost every house with babies and toddlers will have a designated play area/corner, which is a fantastic idea. Best selling items in store for baby-proofing are the most basic items.

What would be your key suggestions for new parents looking to baby-proof their homes?

Re-organize first. Put away all potentially hazardous items, move cleaning materials further up the cabinets, de-clutter and look for sharp corners you need to work on. This helps you decide on what baby proofing products you need to get and avoid unnecessary purchases.

Babies can and will climb on any furniture. Falls and collisions with furniture is the biggest danger to your baby, so rethink your furniture.

Are there cost-effective ways to baby-proof your home?

You can always use common objects to baby-proof your home. Tape your fridge with packing tape, use hair ties around drawer and cabinet knobs to keep it closed, cover power outlets with duct tape and use pool noodle styrofoam to cover sharp corners!

How do you balance maintaining the design of your home and the influx of baby products coming into your home?

Toys, baby products, changing pads and diaper caddies will always be everywhere around the house and sometimes you do not just settle with one baby rocker. Always have lots of storage, big baskets with covers and chests to keep your place tidy and stylish!

What else does your shop offer for design savvy parents?

Bruneian parents are definitely into practicality and they invest on needs first before splurging on fancy baby items. I make sure that I have 3 different ranges for one product that serves the same purpose. First would be the most basic range of bottles, drying racks, towels, swaddles and pillows. Second would be those in international brands and the third range would be in premium brands, a little more expensive but definitely a favourite for design savvy parents.

For a whole range of nursing and newborn needs, visit Lily Imani Enterprise at Unit A2, Ground Floor, Bangunan Habza, Kiulap or follow @jualjualshop on Instagram and Facebook.