What to Get the Design Savvy Friend

What to Get the Design Savvy Friend

We all have that one friend who works in a field like architecture or graphic design; something that combines both artistic and intellectual merit rendering them knowledgable and critical on almost everything. These humans are up there in the echelons of people that are impossible to gift, similar to 'wealthy friend' or 'celebrity friend'.

Seeing as we've started a new year and there are therefore 365 days worth of gifting occasions ahead of you, I've put together the ultimate shortlist of design savvy gifts that will take you throughout the year. The key to clever design based gifting is to focus on the home. Your gift should be something that will become a treasured part of their life and something that will integrate into their home will make it useful without being overly intrusive.

A vinyl record player.

Physical media is making something of a comeback and a vinyl record double duties as a decorative object with bragging rights. If you're the type to really do gifts right, get them a vinyl record to go along with the player. Find one locally via Do It Good Records.

A really great set of books.

Books are a mandatory part of adult life. Whether your gifting an avid reader, or an occasional book sifter, a set of books that are visually stunning make an elegant and useful gift. Cookbooks are a failsafe, especially in Brunei where the foodie culture is strong but home cooking is still a relatively untouched area. We love the momofuku or milk bar by momofuku cookbooks, paired with a bunch of Lucky Peach issues, not just for their cooler than cool graphics and insights into the mind of todays hottest chefs, but also because of #davidchang.

An art print.

If your friend isn't a serious art lover, chances are they donít tend to buy artwork for their walls, and there is a huge array of art available to buy that are affordable. Your gift should be something that they would appreciate seeing everyday which is why I advise keeping to a more minimal aesthetic. Prints that focus on simple clean typography, are great, or you can find a local calligrapher to help you create a custom piece. We recommend Truffle Moments for her soft, pastel illustrations and cute as pie calligraphy style. Otherwise head online to Maiko Nagao's online site for beautiful, clean typography prints.

Succulents and cacti.

House plants are a little too high maintenance, and herbs are passť. Terrariums are trending right now, both for their clean simple look and fuss free care requirements, and are a great way to up the ante with succulent and cacti plants as gifts. You can head to a local garden centre, Supasave Beribi, to source succulents and cacti or email the collective to source terrariums.

If you're into window shopping for gifts, head to Samo furniture in Kiulap. It's packed with vintage and modern design items, at a range of prices that range from affordable to luxe.

Happy gifting!

the collective