Roll Out Some Art

Roll Out Some Art

Custom wall art can really bring a personal touch to a space, but many people are put off by the costs of commissioning a custom piece or the time and effort required to make something themselves.

We think that making a custom piece is an excellent opportunity to up-cycle so we decided to try and come up with quick and simple projects to share.

This week we wanted to come up with a creative way to use the leftover cardboard tubes that came with the adhesive wall paper we used to renovate our MDF table. We found that they were perfect for some custom wall art and it took less than an hour for us to put them together:

  1. The materials we used were three leftover cardboard tubes from our previous DIY project and a mounting board that you can get from any stationary shop in Brunei for about $2-$3. You can also use kitchen towel rolls if you don't happen to have any wall paper cardboard tubes.
  2. Start by marking off the roll every centimetre.
  3. Cut the tube into 1cm pieces.
  4. We used a simple glue gun (BND$17 from Low San, but they can be found in most hardware and departments stores) to stick the pieces on to the mounting board.
  5. You can really let your creative side loose with your designs, whether it is a generic shape or words that mean something to you. We think that these pieces would be great baby-shower or house-warming gifts; for example, you can spell out a baby's name or initials of the family members. Whatever your design, do draw out guide lines with a soft pencil so that your letters line up perfectly.
  6. If you decide to frame the piece, simply pop the glass/plastic sheet off an old picture frame to allow for the cardboard rolls to stick through. If you don't have any old picture frames available, there are some great affordable options at the WW store in Jangsak and Citis Square at prices, ranging from $3-$15.

Statement wall pieces shouldn't have to be over-complicated, and when combined with that personal touch, a simple DIY project could be a great piece of customised art. So have fun with this project!