Sign and Help Protect Our Home

Sign and Help Protect Our Home

When it comes to property or real estate investments, we tend to talk about increasing the value of our buildings and getting good returns. But if the environment we live in continues to deteriorate, the real value of our homes - as a sanctuary and place of comfort - goes down with it.

Bruneians are extremely lucky because we have an abundance of natural treasures; from rich and diverse rainforests to colourful coral reefs, what makes Brunei an amazing place to live is the fact that it is an 'abode of peace' for all of the creatures that live in it.

That includes the animals that call Brunei home. Unfortunately, the illegal poaching and selling of protected animals still happen in Brunei and we need to work together to spread awareness on its negative effects. Each species has a role to play in our environment and if one or more of these endangered creatures disappears, there is no going back.

So please help the amazing people at 1StopBrunei & WildLifeClub work with the Brunei Government to better enforce existing laws protecting CITES listed animals from poaching and illegal trading. By signing a petition via the link below, show that Bruneians cherish our animals and that we support the laws that are already in place in our country:

This petition will be presented next week to relevant authorities in the Brunei Government to respectfully request broader enforcement of existing laws as well as to add more animals to the list of protected species in Brunei.

For more information, contact 1StopBrunei & WildLifeClub via their Facebook page at